Changing Jobs, Changing Seasons

Studio 360

In December 2013, we asked to hear your resolutions about making time for creative projects. Adrienne Ognibene said she wanted to rediscover her talent for painting --- and, without a home studio, she'd have to do it in the kitchen. Her goal is to create six paintings and twelve large-scale charcoal drawings.

September Update:
It is funny how much things can change, even in the past few months since my last blog. I have had a bit of a career change, in which I just started a year of service as an Americorps VISTA working with the Jewish Social Services Agency in Rockville, Maryland, as part of the White House initiative to support Holocaust survivors.

While I am very excited and believe this is very important and good work, it did change my August plans from painting, reading, and relaxing to a whirlwind schedule of family visits and work training. I have, however, finally finished the still-life study of a basket of peaches I started last winter and a quick drawing of what I think of when I think of fall: big comfy sweaters and a mug of tea. My summer painting in the series of seasons I am working on has hit a snag and has been sent to the corner to think about what it has done (or while I think about what to change so I like it again). I am also working on a painting to be entered into the art contest for the 2015 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. As part of the contest rules I am not able to show the painting here but I do have a sketch I can share.

As always seems to be the case with me, I find the balancing act of work and other life stuff with time to paint is a bit tricky. But I am really excited to be going to a blacksmithing class in two weeks. While not painting or charcoal, I loved my sculpture courses in undergrad and I am really looking forward to spending three days in an artistic community not worrying about work, or laundry, or even cooking.

I am still hopeful that I will hit my resolution target, though I am beginning to think the 12 drawings was a little optimistic. I still, however, prefer soft vine charcoal to any other medium out there so I may just go charcoal crazy before the New Year.

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