Finding the Theme

Studio 360

In December 2013, we asked to hear your resolutions about making time for creative projects. Adrienne Ognibene said she wanted to rediscover her talent for painting --- and, without a home studio, she'd have to do it in the kitchen. Her goal is to create six paintings and twelve large-scale charcoal drawings.

June Update:

It's crazy to think that we are approaching the halfway mark of this year. I have, finally, settled on a theme... for my paintings at least. My sister gave me the idea, even though I don't think she realized it until now. I am going to do a seasonal painting of foliage and the sky for each season. I have spring done and some photos taken for my summer painting. I really like the way it is showing the different hues of the sky and a progression of time. I just wish I had thought of it on some of those good, gray, low sky February days.

(See a slideshow of Adrienne's work below.)

Again I find myself most drawn to the soft vine charcoal. I think that will always be a favorite, if incredibly messy, medium for me. I haven't really settled on a theme for the sketches and drawings, I'm taking more of a "whatever catches my interest" approach. I do love to travel, even just day trips, and always seems to get a lot of inspiration from that. One of my favorite drawings completed so far is of a stone staircase going down to the ocean my husband and I passed walking to a restaurant in Nassau, Bahamas. While I don't have any travel as glamorous as a trip to the Caribbean planned in the near future, I do hope some travel this summer will translate into more artwork.

One thing I have become keenly aware of in this process is I am not 20 anymore. I find that I am neither inspired by the same subject matter nor as good at ignoring the chores and "to dos" piling up and just painting. I also don't think I have the skill that I did when I was 20. Of course I also haven't put in the hours like I did back then.

A really positive thing that I am very excited about which has come from this resolution is in September I am taking an intro course in blacksmithing. I credit getting back into a more creative mindset with the bravery to leap into a completely new area but I am really excited and hoping, if the course goes well, to enroll in some higher level course in sculpture next year.

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