Our Global Nation coverage about an increasingly diverse US receives a 2014 RTDNA-Unity award

The World
Muslim cabbies pray at a BP station in downtown Manhattan while patrons pump gas.

PRI's The World has covered global news and culture for 18 years. Last year, when we started covering immigrants in the US and immigration policy, we had a simple premise: The US is a global nation.

So we called our coverage Global Nation and invited people from many backgrounds to help us shine a light on immigrant life in the United States. Today, our coverage received the 2014 RTDNA/UNITY award, which honors journalists who show commitment and skill in covering the diversity of this nation.

Our work aims to go beyond demographic studies and policy debates. We aim to reveal the stories and voices of America’s foreign-born residents, both in their challenges and successes. We look at how America's uneven immigration laws affect their lives and how they affect the identity, culture and economy of the US.

Most importantly, we aim to bring the voices, stories and photos of immigrants into national media coverage. And we invite everyone in this diverse nation to share, discuss and argue over stories and issues on PRI.org and on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Global Nation editor Monica Campbell leads a reporting team that reflects the diversity of the country. We have partnered with other media organizations committed to this coverage — Feet in 2 Worlds, New America Media, Fronteras and Radio Ambulante, and with a long list of smart, passionate freelance journalists. And we are proud of what we have achieved together in hundreds of stories and interviews on the radio, in podcasts and online.

Many of you have also contributed to our coverage, by sharing ideas for stories or by actually sharing your stories, as in our First Days series, where immigrants tell what it was like those first few days and nights in America.

We hope you'll listen to the one-hour collection of some of Global Nation's best audio stories from 2013. You can also read the stories on our site, and you can join the conversation with Americans from a huge range of backgrounds at The Global Nation Exchange on Facebook.

You can also receive our Global Nation weekly newsletter of stories and follow our Twitter feed, @GlobalNation.

We are grateful for the generous support of the Rita Allen Foundation and the Ford Foundation that has made our work possible.

We are especially grateful to our core Global Nation staff: Monica Campbell, Shefali Kulkarni, Jonathan KealingAngilee Shah, Jason Margolis and the many others at PRI's The World who have helped with the coverage. 

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