This map shows which export makes your country the most money

The US trade deficit widened in October as exports slumped according to data published on December 11, 2012, indicating that the slowdown in global demand may impact US economic growth.
David McNew

Editor's note: This story was originally published in May 2014.

Using data from the CIA World Factbook, we labeled every country in the world by its highest valued export, aka the commodity that makes the country the most money in the global market.

Unsurprisingly, much of the world runs on oil, particularly the Middle East and Central Asia. Europe is the world's workshop, where most of the machinery and motor vehicles are made, from optical instruments to BMWs. Latin America brings a blend of food products and oil to the trading table. Asia is the world's manufacturing center, where the world's clothing, wood products, and semiconductors are made. Africa is extremely rich in natural resources, particularly precious metals and oil. A substantial part of the continent makes its money on diamonds, gold or oil.

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World Commodities Map
World Commodities Map: North America
World Commodities Map: CENTRAL AMERICA
World Commodities Map: South America
World Commodities Map: EUROPE
World Commodities Map: Middle East & Central Asia
World Commodities Map: Africa
World Commodities Map: ASIA