OkMalumKoolKat: Internet Jetset Zuper

South African rapper OkMalumKoolKat has released the single “Internet Jetset Zuper” as part of the Obey You Collective: South Africa Series from The Fader and Sprite. Oh yeah, it’s also his debut as a producer. Turn it up!

We first featured OkMalumKoolKat as a part of our South Africa Today program. Half of the experimental hip-hop duo Dirty Paraffin, the MC has worked on a number of great tracks, including the recent collab with producer Sibot. This new single is the first release created entirely by him. According to his tumblr, it was specified that he work alone, without a DJ or producer. Thus, he “made the beat on Garage Band with [Dirty Paraffin's other half] Dokta SpiZee’s old midi controller.” And it’s marvelous.

The production is sparse, with minimal percussion and short stabs of melody from sampled trumpets. The rapping is at KoolKat’s usual high level, nimbly moving around the angular beat, with shoutouts to “Brooklyn and Benoni” and boasts of being a “Zulu Michael Jackson.” This is party music, written “fro a dance’rs/ listener’s/ party animal’s angle.” Be sure to check out the rest of the SA artists profiled on the Collective’s page.

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