Dread and Terrible

Dread and Terrible is the anticipated release from Chronixx, a young Jamaican singer, songwriter and producer steadily rising in popularity thanks to a number of hit singles, a well-publicized mixtape with Walshy Fire of Major Lazer fame, and an absorbing live show backed by his killer Zincfence Band. Read a review of a recent performance at the legendary Blue Note nightclub here.

Chronixx’s career owes much to the pioneers of reggae, taking style cues from early roots, dub and ska records. In addition, as a fellow Rastafarian, he lyrically upholds many of the beliefs that powered many of the earlier greats. Rejecting the values espoused by much of contemporary dancehall, Chronixx’s message is one of strength through an adherence to a spiritually centered, profoundly Rastafarian lifestyle. Gone are the images of money, sex and violence, to be replaced with statements of peace and love through music, and ultimately, through faith in Jah.

Taken as a whole, Dread and Terrible manages to move beyond a simple throwback album. While some tracks sound at home alongside a Coxsone Dodd, Lee “Scratch” Perry or Sly and Robbie production, the record also manages to create a more contemporary sound. The opener “Alpha and Omega” hits hard with horns and a live dub feel, while the infectious “Rastaman Wheel Out” is a send-up of the classic ska era. Be sure to check out the single’s mini-feature-length video, which pays more than a little homage to the legendary 1978 film Rockers. With “Eternal Fire,” Chronixx manages to bring the the record straight to the dance floor, complete with electronic drum loops, vocal doubling and synths galore. Rounding out the release is a club-ready tribute to the vegetarian cuisine of the Rastas and the popular juice supplement “Spirulina.”

Though only 22, Chronixx is an artist who knows where he is coming from, and where he is going. We are excited to hear what happens next. The album is out now, and can be purchased via iTunes.

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