Norway's Stian Westerhus provides a spacey guitar soundtrack for Scandanavian spring

The World

Norwegian musician Stian Westerhus is known as one of Northern Europe’s most fascinating abstract guitar stylists. 

DJ Marius Asp of NRK, Norwegian public radio in Oslo, says that more often than not, Westerhus's guitar has sounded like a different instrument, something "completely else: a Hoover, a broken fiddle, static on the radio or a beast from a galaxy far away," he says.

The spacey guitar sounds are here in abundance on "Maelstrom," Westerhus's new album with the group Pale Horses.  And on the selections chosen here by Marius Asp, Westerhus shows off some considerable vocal skills as well. 

Enjoy the rich, other-worldly sounds of "Maelstrom."