Things rich people do: buy insanely expensive (and ridiculous) stuff


"Things rich people do" is a regular series where GlobalPost reports on how the global 1 percent lives. See the last installment: Things rich people do: paint every room in their house purple

We all know money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you insanely expensive stuff.

How insane? Here's some examples:

1. Solid gold bassinet: $16.3 million

Photo courtesy of Suommo

Spanish luxury baby goods maker Suommo describes the 24-carat-gold bassinet weighing 414 pounds as "the most expensive crib" in the world, and we reckon they're probably right.

If there's any change left over, Suommo also sells a handcrafted diamond and rose gold pacifier for $136,000.

2. Bulletproof suit: $3.2 million 

Photo courtesy of Suitart

There's an ever-growing list of items that only the mega rich can afford, such as this custom-made waterproof, sweatproof and bulletproof suit that features 880 black diamonds.

Created by Swiss tailor Suitart, the Diamond Armor suit protects the wearer from the rain, heat and snipers.

Perfect for those meetings held in cyclones, on tropical islands or in warzones.

3. One night on a submarine: $290,000

Photo courtesy of Oliver's Travels

This was clearly designed for the hopeless romantics who have exhausted all the luxury five-star resort and hotel options on land. 

The "Lovers Deep," which was launched by British luxury property rental specialist Oliver's Travels earlier this year, is a luxury submarine staffed by a captain, a chef and a personal butler.

It also comes with bespoke interior design and furniture to suit your tastes.

4. Ostrich feather parasol: $13,000

Photo courtesy of Parasolerie Heurtault

You wouldn't want to leave this parasol in the taxi.

Created by French artisan Michel Heurtault, this bridal parasol is made from white ostrich feathers and a silk organza canopy. 

Assuming you only tie the knot once, it's a lot of money to spend on a sunshade. 

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