Sports: Supreme Court ruling shakes up NFL, recapping Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic

The World

The Supreme Court delivered a blow to the NFL on Monday, ruling that the organization is an associaton of 32 separate entities. The anti-trust case was brought by American Needle, an apparel maker from Illinois that lost its contract with the NFL when the league entered into an exclusive 10-year, $250 million deal with Reebok to produce its league-branded merchandise.

Louise Story, Wall Street and finance reporter for the New York Times, explains the case and Takeaway sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin weighs in on how this affects the NFL and why this is good for players.

And which NBA teams are climbing to the top? Ibrahim recaps last night’s Celtics vs. Magic game and talks about why Boston needs this win. He also looks ahead at a the NHL and NBA playoffs as the Los Angeles Lakers head to Phoenix to face the Suns in the Western Conference Finals.

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