Iraq vet goes to college

The World

DV continues to lead a hectic life, and works four 10-hour shifts at a bank in addition to being a full time student. He’s in a relationship now too. DV says his girlfriend started college later in life and that helps him from getting down about starting school so late. He’s quick to add that he’s happy about things are going for him, including studying in school. DV largely kept to himself last semester but this semester he’s connecting more with other veterans on campus. DV says in civilian circles, the Iraq War isn’t discussed much and he describes it as background noise. He feels like what’s going on over there is being glossed over. That said, the war hasn’t completely faded away for DV; he keeps tabs on his old unit in Iraq and he also gets the occasional email from recruiters wondering if he’s reenlist; he doesn’t want to. But DV did enlist into an 8-year obligation to the military and for the next several years he’s part of the Reserves Corps and could be called back at any time. By most accounts DV has made a successful transition from soldier to student.

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