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For today’s Geo Quiz — we have a few numbers to ponder.

Every year, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR counts the world’s refugee populations.

So off the top of you head — we wonder if you happen to know how many people around the world were “forcibly uprooted by conflict and persecution” last year?

Is it 25 million, 50, or do I hear 100 million?

It’s a timely question to ponder….

Afterall, tomorrow marks the day in 1885 when the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York.
[Creative Commons Attribution] by Koshy Koshy

Lady Liberty still welcomes incoming immigrants and refugees to US shores.

The US today gives sanctuary to nearly 350,000 refugees.

But the UN says its developing countries that are carrying most of the burden.

For example Pakistan hosts 1.8 million refugees and Iran cares for 1 million.

So — add up all the numbers of refugees around the world and what do you get?

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