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“Hop your carcass here” for today’s Geo Quiz. That means “come this instant!” on the island we’re looking for today.

This island’s in the North Atlantic, and it forms part of Canada’s eastern-most province. If you don’t speak the island slang you’ll stand out as a “come-from-away”, that’s a tourist.

Fishing is an old tradition on this triangle-shaped island next to Labrador. And it gives rise to words like “yaffle”. That’s an armful of dried fish. Anyone know what a “fish smacker” is?

“A fish smacker is a man that drops off ice and he picks up fish and so these very remote fisherman can keep their fish fresh and still get it to market, he’ll take a percentage, he’s called a fish smacker. (Definition courtesy of Maine native and “professional” hitchhiker Kevin McNally)

Name the island if you can!

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