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We call today’s Geo Quiz “the case of the puzzled jurors”.

A high profile trial is under way in a court room in Sydney Australia.

The jury’s been hearing testimony about a major drug operation.

Here’s one of the defence lawyers:

“The case essentially is about an alleged conspiracy to manufacture a large commercial quantity of prohibited drugs…this would have taken place anywhere between the town or two on the northwestern border of _________ just below Queensland in Australia.”

Ok, we want you to name the state we blanked out. It’s bordered by Queensland and Victoria and its largest cities are Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. This state faces the Tasman Sea. The defendants in this case could face life sentences. But as we said, the jurors are puzzled.

We’ll explain why when we reveal the answer. Till then, this court’s in recess.

Back to the case of the puzzled jury we asked you about in today’s Geo Quiz.

A high profile drug trial has come to an abrupt end in Australia. It involved two men, the defendants, who were facing possible life sentences in connection with a major conspiracy to manufacture illegal drugs. The illicit activities took place in New South Wales, the answer to our Geo Quiz.

Click the arrow above to listen to our interview with one of the lawyers for the defense. According to Phil Stewart, a criminal defense specialist with the law firm Nyman Gibson Stewart representing the co-accused, the drugs trial had to be abandoned after several jurors – including the jury forewoman – admitted they had spent much of their time playing Sudoku.

The judge stopped the proceedings after the jury forewoman admitted she and four others had been playing the puzzles to fight off boredom. The problem was discovered when some of the jurors were observed writing notes vertically rather than horizontally. The two accused men faced possible life sentences.

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