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Rowdy pubs figure in today’s Geo Quiz. The waterhole we’re looking for today is in the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s the capital of the state of New South Wales.

The history of its sometimes flamboyant pub culture is celebrated in a new exhibit at the city’s Justice and Police Museum.

The Justice & Police Museum: Justice & Police Museum:

There are newsreels that recall important chapters in this city’s drinking history.

Here’s one from the 1950’s when authorities tried to crack down on rowdy events called the “6 o’clock pig swills”, and came up with a more dignified name:

?February 1st 1955 is b e day beer in the evening day and there is much rejoicing in the land.?

So can you name this Australian city? Last call …

We were looking, in our Geo Quiz today, for an international city whose flamboyant, even frenetic pub culture is celebrated in a new art and history exhibition.

The answer is Sydney, Australia.

Organisers of the exhibition say Sydney’s watering holes have had a huge influence on the character of Australia’s biggest city since day one.

Phil Mercer reports from Sydney.

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