Former FBI agent explains Van der Sloot case

The World

Could the FBI have prevented a murder?

When Joran Van der Sloot was arrested this week for killing a 21-year-old woman in Peru, details of Natalee Holloway’s murder rose to the surface. Although he was never charged for Holloway’s murder, Van der Sloot was the main suspect in that case, and before he left Aruba to Peru, he tried to extort money from Holloway’s mother.

That’s when the FBI stepped in, giving Van der Sloot $10,000 in a sting operation. Van der Sloot has confessed to murdering Stephanie Flores in Peru ? and the FBI has charged him with extortion and wire fraud, but did the money help him carry out the Flores murder? We talk to former FBI agent Craig Dotlo about the operation – and why the FBI couldn’t nab Van der Sloot on the spot.

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