An Afternoon with Pete Seeger

Living on Earth

Renowned for his combination of music and social activism, folk music legend Pete Seeger explains to Steve Curwood that it was Rachel Carson’s book ‘Silent Spring’ that really got him thinking and active on environmental matters. In 1969, with the help of other musicians and activists, Pete Seeger built a sloop he christened the Clearwater, because that was his intention: to clear the waters of the Hudson River of pollution and garbage. Pete Seeger lives on the Hudson, in a small, quiet town called Beacon, about an hour north of New York City and just 30 miles from where he was born. For decades, he and his neighbors have met on the rivers’ banks, at the Sloop Club to socialize and organize over potluck suppers. He asked Living On Earth to meet him there, where it’s his turn to set up for this month’s gathering.

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