Iran has highest rate of nose jobs in world


Iran appears to be the nose job capital of the world, with as many as 200,000 people a year going under the knife.

According to The Guardian, it is predominantly women having rhinoplasty surgery as they strive to attain "doll faces" like those they see in Hollywood films.

Research by the Rhinology Research Society of Iran in co-operation with America's Johns Hopkins University found the rate of nose jobs per capita in Iran was seven times that of the US. 

Girls as young as 14 are having surgery to attain more westernized appearances, doctors said. The surgery is also rebellion against the restrictive hijab.

An Iranian woman told The Guardian the compulsory wearing of a hijab restricted women from showing their beauty, and thus a beautiful nose was a reaction to such rules.

"It's human nature to want to seek out attention with a beautiful figure, hair, skin … but hijab doesn't let you do that. So we have to satisfy that instinct by displaying our 'art' on our faces."

Women are not ashamed to admit they have had a nose job either, reported ABC.

There is no stigma, and many women openly wear "bandages of honor" on their noses to show they have been under the knife.

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