A Friday in Jerusalem: At Mahane Yehuda market, Friday is the new Saturday


You know you've got a good tour guide when her persistence aggravates even the most seasoned market vendors.

"I'm not ruining breads for you! Get out!" one baker told GlobalPost's Noga Tarnopolsky, after she made her way to the oven at Khachapuria, a "hot-headed Georgian bakery" in Jerusalem's historic Mahane Yehuda market.

Then there was the olive seller.

"We don't have time for your pictures!" he exclaimed from behind a spread of the glistening fruits marinating in oils.

"I seem to be in the way," Tarnopolsky observed. But she wasn't deterred. It's olive season, after all.

Tarnopolsky took @AFridayIn followers on a colorful morning tour of the bustling, immensely diverse market. Check out all of her photos and tweets below for a true taste of A Friday In Israel.

GlobalPost's @AFridayIn Twitter feed showcases the voices and personal experiences of our correspondents based around the world each week. A different correspondent takes over the @AFridayIn account each Friday and tweets about his or her travels and daily activities.

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