Hunger in Syria: Millions Need Aid

The World
Kofi Annan is stepping down as the special international envoy for Syria. He says he cannot go on when he does not have the backing of the United Nations Security Council. Meanwhile, a new menace faces the people of Syria. Farms and crops are being abandoned because of the fighting; and the specter of widespread hunger now looms over the war-torn nation. An assessment published Thursday by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Food Program says three million people there need food assistance for the next six months. Caroline Hurford, a spokesperson for the World Food Program in London, says the situation is very serious and it will be difficult to get aid to some areas, given the security situation. The report says that in addition to the drop in food production, there are also problems with distribution network. Irrigation systems have also been damaged. Food is scarce in many areas, and increasingly expensive. Agricultural laborers have also lost wages.
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