NAACP accuses Tea Party of harboring racists

The World
The NAACP and the Tea Party are feuding again. The civil rights organization has released a report called "Tea Party Nationalism" that has renewed accusations that the Tea Party groups ?have given platform to anti-Semites, racists and bigots.? Tea Partiers are again disputing that claim. Kate Zernike is a national correspondent for our partner, The New York Times, and the author of "Boiling Mad: Inside the Tea Party." She wrote about the report on the Times' blog, The Caucus. David Webb is the founder of TeaParty365, and one of the Tea Party's most prominent black voices. He's faced off with the NAACP before on accusations of racism within the Tea Party, and says that once again, the NAACP is playing the race card. UPDATE: Hilary O. Shelton, NAACP Washington bureau director and senior vice president for advocacy, responds to Webb's accusations.
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