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Time to kick off today's Geo Quiz. There's a new women's professional soccer league in the United States. The WPS is intended to be the best women's soccer league in the world. The teams are just a couple of weeks into their first season. That's hardly enough time to pick out your favorite players! So we're going to help you. First -- the teams. Former US National Team player Julie Foudy is going to help me name them -- Julie: "Breakers, Red Stars, Pride, Sol, Athletica, Sky Blue and Freedom." Maceió, BrazilMaceió, Brazil OK -- now the players. Some are among the best in the world. One of them is a Brazilian superstar named Marta. She's someone to watch. Her team is in California -- but she was born in a small state in northeastern Brazil. It borders the Atlantic so beaches and seafood are two of its signatures. It's capital is is the city of Maceió. Can you name the state? Julie Foudy is no stranger to international soccer. She played midfield for the US National Women's team. She's represented the US at the World Cup and the Olympics. "Julie -- Midfielders are the playmakers on the field ... So give us a snapshot of 3 of the leagues most talented international playmakers." Everybody, at least everybody that talks about women's soccer, seems to have something about Marta...have you seen her play recently...where is she from? Alagoas is a small state in northeastern Brazil. Listen to the interview: