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Today's Geo Quiz is coming in for landing. When it comes to crossing the desert, a camel is still considered one of the best ways to go. But a better option might be a "parajet sky car." More on that in a moment. First --- the desert we have in mind is the Sahara. It sprawls over several African countries. We just want you to name one. This country is located near Africa's northwest corner. Its capital and largest city is Nouakchott. Nearly three-quarters of the country is desert. And it's just one of the countries on the route being traveled by a team testing that "parajet sky car" we mentioned. We called up the pilot to ask his whereabouts: "We're ah um sort of between ah um...." What was that? Anybody know where he is? We'll try calling the sky car team again... when we reveal the answer in just a minute. Today's Geo Quiz has us flying over the Sahara desert -- in a car. The "Skycar expedition" is traveling from London, England, to Timbuctu -- in Mali. Right now they're in Morocco -- and they're heading for Mauritania next. And Mauritania -- by the way -- is the answer to our quiz. Neil Laughton is leading the Skycar expedition:
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