Faith on Dana Perrino

The World
Dana Perino turned a lot of heads when she won the job as White House Press Secretary a year ago. Literally. In a position that was usually filled by an endless string of prematurely balding white guys, here was a beautiful young woman who seemed up to the task. Then the wheels started to fall off. In December, Perino admitted on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me that she didn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was. Then, earlier this month, the Press Secretary told Fox's Chris Wallace that there are still some things about her job she has trouble understanding. Well let's see, Dana. A carrier is a ship that carries all the little airplanes out to the sea and serves as a base while they fly around. A destroyer is a female press secretary who sets her entire gender back 20 years by claiming girls don't get ?shooty things? like missiles and battleships. Men don't understand those things because they're men, they understand them because they learned what they are. You got it now? Good.
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