What would the news sound like if media were diverse? Listen to what you're missing -- with Otherhood, a PRI podcast created and hosted by Rupa Shenoy.

Woman in front of tropical set, "On Air" sign, with flower in her hair

The fight to belong in Hollywood


Hollywood’s gotten a lot of flack for its practice of white-washing. Now, the voice acting world, is also facing questions.

A 1923 Ku Klux Klan parade in Albany is pictured

In the shadow of a racist past, Portland still struggles to be welcoming to all its residents

Members of the former Tucson Pantsuit Nation group has created a new organization called Project Nexis.

How a convert balances her white privilege and Muslim identity in the Trump era

Reporter Rupa Shenoy with Luis Valdez, a former Mexican American Studies studies student who says the program put him on a path that led his recent completion of a phD in public health.

After a 10-year saga, Tucson teachers are validated when a judge calls state law racist

YouTube "Bawse" Lilly Singh.

Look out Hollywood. YouTube ‘bawse’ Lilly Singh is going mainstream.

A man and a woman pose with Donald Trump in an office

How some Indian Americans made Trump look good

Global Politics

Race and money — are those the two things that matter most in American politics?

The Obama administration prepares to leave office, leaving a legacy of diversity behind.

Saying goodbye to the most diverse White House ever


As the White House changes hands this week, the demographics of the people who work there will also likely change drastically.

Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal from Washington state at the 2016 National Immigrant Integration Conference in Nashville.

Has a new civil rights movement already begun?


To create a new civil rights movement, immigration activists are scrambling to overcome divisions and prepare for the unknown.

Donald Trump refuses to answer a question from Univision's Jorge Ramos at a 2015 press conference in Iowa

How journalists of color walk the line in newsrooms


Can “diverse” journalists be unbiased when the issue of diversity itself has become politicized?

The view from Mexico to the US at the Nogales point of entry.

Border Patrol agent: ‘We enforce the laws, but we’re not the ones that create them.’


Activists say US border policies have resulted in the deaths of migrants trying to cross the desert on the southern border. But it has also created jobs in a region where teenagers are recruited as smugglers by cartels.