Marnette Federis

Marnette Federis is a former education editor with The World.

Marnette Federis is a former education editor with Global Nation, the previous immigration desk of The World. Based in San Jose, Calif, she writes, edits and produces stories about immigrant communities with a focus on higher education.

Marnette was born in a rural town in the Philippines and moved to Los Angeles at 10 years old. After joining her high school and college student newspapers, she discovered a passion for journalism and never looked back.

She has reported for news publications in Washington, D.C., Northern and Southern California. She also has reporting experience in China and the Philippines.

Marnette holds a master's degree from the UC Berkeley School of Journalism. She loves living in California — where she can go snowboarding in the Sierra Nevadas one weekend and then ride the waves in Santa Cruz the next.