Linda Maria Thompson


The World

Linda Maria Thompson (1978) is a Swedish-American photographer based in Ångermanland, northern Sweden. Her work explores questions surrounding transience and impermanence on both a personal and political scale. She was born in Sweden – raised in the United States and currently lives in Härnösand with her family. Linda channels her roles as both a native of -and immigrant to- Sweden in her approach and her projects reflect her interest in issues surrounding migration as well as how memory and nostalgia are manifested in photographs.

Linda has a strong background in photojournalism with a bachelor of arts in photojournalism from the University of Montana and a Master of Arts in photojournalism from Mid Sweden University. For 6 years she was a staff photographer at the Missoulian newspaper covering western Montana. She combines her love of photography with a passion to teach and is currently adjunct instructor and program coordinator of undergraduate studies in photojournalism at Mid Sweden University. Her photographs have been published and exhibited internationally.