Blair Imani

Blair Imani is a Californian living and working in Washington, DC.  Being a millennial, Imani is completely enthralled with the power of social media and its application to advocacy and social justice. Her passions center around activism and fashion, and she is always finding new ways to intersect the two. On Sunday July 10th, Blair Imani was arrested at a peaceful protest in Baton Rouge, LA. Despite her negative interaction with Baton Rouge Police, she took on the role of being the lead organizer of a vigil for the officers killed during the Baton Rouge attack on Sunday, July 17th. 

Blair is the Executive Director of Equality for HER, a non-profit organization dedicated to generating awareness about issues affecting the global femme community. Equality for HER has allowed Imani to collaborate with people all over the world from here in the United States, to Lagos, Nigeria and Karachi, Pakistan. Follow Blair Imani on social media @BlairImani.