Stephen Collins

Professor of Political Science, Kennesaw State University

The Conversation
Stephen Collins is an Associate Professor (as of August 2011) in the Department of Political Science and International Affairs at Kennesaw State University. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University in 2004. Dr. Collins teaches a variety of courses on international affairs and American government, including Introduction to International Politics (POLS 2250), American Foreign Policy (POLS 3350), The Politics of International Economic Relations (POLS 4438), American Government in a Global Perspective (POLS 1101), Comparative Politics (POLS 2240), World Politics and Governance (IPM 7720), and International Political Economy (IPM 7745). The general focus of his research is in the areas of American foreign policy, international political economy, and security studies, with an emphasis on the practice of economic statecraft in the areas of democratization, terrorism, conflict management, and nuclear proliferation.

Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump walk side by side with their backs to the camera during their first summit.

Why Trump failed to convince North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, and how he can do better at the next summit

Donald Trump says North Korea is no longer a “Nuclear Threat” but US intelligence agencies said in January that the country has kept its arsenal. The next summit is in two weeks. What can Trump do differently this time?