Patti Daniels

Supervising Producer

The World

Patti Daniels is The World's supervising producer.

Each day, The World’s mission is to deliver compelling, important stories that help listeners contextualize global events around them.As the supervising producer, Patti Daniels leads the daily editorial decisions that shape the broadcast; she also oversees the production deadlines for The World, bringing together the work of our journalists, engineers and studio team for our live broadcast each weekday afternoon.Her background in Russia and post-Soviet studies helps inform many aspects of The World’s coverage of those regions, notably the war in Ukraine. Patti joined The World in 2019 after 15 years at Vermont Public Radio, expanding and deepening the station’s award-winning broadcast news.Outside of work, Patti can be found seeking out adventure travel in inconvenient places.

two women

Faith and family sustain this Kyiv family in wartime Ukraine


Sasha Shulyahina was 38-weeks pregnant when Russian forces invaded Ukraine in late February 2022. Motherhood and her faith continue to sustain her through a year of war.