Michael Kelley, Business Insider

Business Insider: Hu Jintao intervenes in alleged US spy case


Chinese leader had a hand in the arrest of an alleged US spy.

Syria: A free for all if the Assad regime falls

Mexican official accuses CIA of ‘managing’ not ‘fighting’ drug trade


High-ranking cartel member speaks on Operation Fast and Furious

Syrian rebels likely to seize chemical weapons soon


Pablo Escobar’s sidekick says drug war is unwinnable

Escobar’s former security chief, Jhon “Popeye” Velasquez, explains the state of the drug trade and why the war against drugs is unwinnable.

The CIA has paid tens of millions of dollars to the Afghan president’s office over the last decade

CIA dollars fuel rampant corruption.

Saudi royal family sold Dell computers to Assad

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia arms Syrian rebels to fight Assad’s regime.

Pulitzer winner writes sharp takedown of failed US civilian efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan


US spent too much on military efforts, neglecting more effective methods of countering militancy, he says.

Hezbollah Is Launching An Offensive That Will Profoundly Change The Syrian War


Thousands of Lebanese Hezbollah militants are amassing around the northern Syrian city of Aleppo in preparation for an assault on the city, Loveday Morris of The Washington Post reports.