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In Turkey, Sufi music is used to decrease patient stress

Health & Medicine

Some doctors in Turkey are taking a musical approach to healing. The doctors at Memorial Hospital in Istanbul are performing live music for their patients. They say the healing power of music goes beyond psychological benefits, helping physiological problems as well.

To Create Strong Presidency, Erdoğan Woos Turkish Kurds

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Greek Gods, Shields, and Spears: Ancient Hellenes Make a Comeback

Arts, Culture & Media

Western Classical Music Struggles to Find Audience in Turkey

Arts, Culture & Media

The Barbie-Like Women of Turkey’s Creationist TV

Arts, Culture & Media

Visiting the ‘Holy Mountain’ Athos in Greece

Arts, Culture & Media

There’s a region in Greece that’s home to the “Holy Mountain.” It’s one of the holiest sites for Orthodox Christians. Anyone can visit, as long as they’re male. Reporter Matthew Brunwasser spent four days in Mount Athos.

Dengbej: Kurdish Storytellers Revive Their Tradition In Turkey

Arts, Culture & Media

In Turkey, Kurdish culture is having something of a Renaissance. Public expressions of Kurdish culture are now legal. Now a new cultural center has opened for traditional Kurdish story-tellers to practice their ancient art.

Why Vultures are Important for Bulgaria

Arts, Culture & Media

Vultures are associated with death but they’re a welcome presence in the Madzharovo region of Bulgaria. Reporter Matthew Brunwasser took a tour of the Eastern Rhodope Nature Reserve, otherwise known as the Vulture Center.

Why Crisis-Weary Greeks Seek Respite in Turkey

Arts, Culture & Media

With a booming economy and cosmopolitan energy, Istanbul, Turkey is becoming an increasingly attractive location for young, educated Greeks.

Bulgarian Church Officials Select New Leader

Global Politics

Bulgarian Church officials picked a new leader over the weekend. It should have been a solemn occasion. But the church is embroiled in scandal, even as the government is on the verge of collapse.