Karolina Chorvath

The World's Digital Editor/Producer

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Karolina Chorvath is a Czechoslovak-American who has lived and reported in many countries including Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic and Croatia. Before joining PRI, she was a Web Producer for The GroundTruth Project and completed a reporting fellowship in Eastern/Central Europe on the rise of far-right political parties. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin stands on a stage surrounded by others

As Ukraine’s presidential election approaches, the Kremlin is all the more comfortable in Crimea

In March 2014, Russia’s “reacquisition” of Crimea operated more like an invasion, depending on who you ask. Now, five years later, Putin appears as comfortable as ever in Crimea while Ukrainians continue to struggle against Russian domination in the region.

A masked Syria fighter stands in front of an American tank and some troops.

When the US pulls out of Syria, what happens to ISIS?

Global Politics
a female prisoner holds her baby in a room with laundry hanging

Salvadoran women bond serving long sentences for the ‘crime’ of miscarriage

Women & Gender
Jose Antonio Vargas speaks in front of a black background with white lettering

After Pittsburgh, Jose Antonio Vargas asks, ‘Who is an American?’

steve bantou in front of a large American flag

Steve Bannon’s ‘The Movement’ is an umbrella group of anti-establishment, populist parties in Europe

US Diplomacy
a baby sitting on steps and a child on a cobblestone street

The hardest question for a third culture kid: Where is home?

The World in Words

Karolina lives in Boston but grew up in several countries and speaks a bunch of languages. Her English is perfect but she doesn’t feel completely at home in it, or in American culture. Welcome to the world of third culture kids, a fast-growing group of people who fit in everywhere and nowhere.

A combination photo shows US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and CIA Director Mike Pompeo

So, what does Pompeo have that Tillerson doesn’t?

Global Politics

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump replaced US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo. In his new pick for secretary, Trump someone who agrees with him on major foreign policy issues.

An aerial view of Baghdad, Iraq March 4, 2018.

Fifteen years after the US entered Iraq, Baghdad breathes new life


According to UN statistics, about 40 percent of Iraq’s population was born after the US invasion. Now, youth are investing in a new Baghdad.

Banner reads "Women's rights — women's business"

The abortion debate in Poland heats up again with newly proposed bill


If passed, the bill would ban abortions relating to irreversible damage to the fetus.

Alison Kock with a sevengill shark in South Africa.

These female marine scientists have a message for girls: Sharks aren’t just for boys


The traditionally male-dominated field of shark research is changing thanks to scientists like Alison Kock and Cynthia Wigren.