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Marissa and Hannah Brandt.

How two sisters will make it to South Korea’s Olympics — but for opposing teams


Marissa Brandt will be playing for South Korea’s Olympic ice hockey team. And her sister, Hannah Brandt, will play for Team USA.

Layne Fostervold and his mother, Kim Sook-nyeon. Fostervold was adopted by an American family when he was about 2 years old. His mother never stopped wondering what happened to him.

A Korean adoptee meets his birth mother and winds up moving in with her

Kim Craig has spent the past three years in Korea, hoping to get home to the US.

This woman has been stuck in Korea for three years trying to get home to the US

A woman looks at camera

They came to America as adoptees but were never made US citizens

Kaomi Goetz, 44, (r) with distant relative, Alice Thompson, 28. They're both Korean-American adoptees who found a shared genetic connection on a DNA database, after they had met by chance at a gathering for adoptees in Brooklyn, New York. Kaomi is still t

Korean adoptees are using DNA kits to get a glimpse of their ancestry

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Recession Design

With fewer customers these days for new desks and kitchenware, manufacturers are nervous. Industrial and product designers are on the case. They’re trying to come up with new designs that directly respond to the public’s mood. Produced by Kaomi Goetz.