Francesca Berardi

World renowned US cellist Yo-Yo Ma, center, plays with viola players Marzia Anwari, left, from Afghanistan and Luis Fernandes, bassist Eduardo Santos and cellist Mohammad Sami, right, from Afghanistan, at the Music School of the National Conservatory in L

Afghan musicians in Portugal reimagine their musical futures


Musicians with the Afghanistan National Institute of Music arrived in Portugal in December 2021 with high hopes of working again in their profession. But six months later, the future remains uncertain for them.

The San Marco basin in Venice appears placid as a result of the slowdown in activity with the country's lockdown in response to the coronavirus.

The changing face of Venice 

Rev. Giuseppe Corbari in a small town in Lombardy printed out pictures of his congrgants and placed them on the pews so he'd feel less alone. 

Amid lockdown, churches find creative ways to keep in touch with the masses

The train station in the Italian city of Turin was empty when reporter Francesca Berardi took a walk through the area last week. 

Strolling through Turin amid lockdown