Daniel DeFraia

Breaking News Writer in Boston


Daniel DeFraia is a GlobalPost Breaking News Writer in Boston. He can be reached at DanDeFraia@gmail.com.

The adventures of Nikos Kassimatis

The man who owes $1.23 billion to the Greek government.

Ethiopia News: Swedish journalists appeal to Prime Minister Zenawi for pardon

Nigeria News: Who is Abu Qaqa?

The World

France rules Scientology a business, not a church

Nigeria News: Nuhu Ribadu to head special watchdog task force

The World

West Africa: Unorthodox guitarist (VIDEO)

A unnamed woman plays the guitar with the front, back, and side of her hand.

Greece strike (PHOTOS)

Here are photos of the Greek strike.

Time Warner gives tiny refund to people who complain about not seeing Jeremy Lin

$5.20 is the price of missing Linsanity and Knicks games.

Experimental treatment for saving rhinos

Injecting rhinos’ horns with an anti-parasitic drug that is toxic to humans may help save them.

Pakistan’s acid attack survivors

And it’s Pakistan’s first Oscar nominated film.