Catherine Whelan

Radio Producer

Produces stories for BBC/PRI's The World and PRI's Otherhood.

Catherine Whelan is a radio producer, poet, and preposterous wordnerd. Catherine has lived, worked, and studied in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Southern California, and Western Massachusetts. Formerly she was a radio producer for WGBH News. Prior to that she contributed to the Peabody Award-winning program State of the Re:Union. She loves making noise. 

YouTube "Bawse" Lilly Singh.

Look out Hollywood. YouTube ‘bawse’ Lilly Singh is going mainstream.


YouTube has given a generation of diverse superstars a place to start their careers. But can they find a place in the far less diverse Hollywood scene?

Author Scaachi Koul was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and is a culture writer at BuzzFeed.

White privilege in brown Canada

Angela Dimayuga

When a queer Filipina chef said she didn’t want to be featured on Ivanka Trump’s website, the reaction missed the point

Syrian refugees hold Canadian flags

Is the US a ‘safe’ country for refugees?

Draft executive orders proposed a 40% cut in funding to the United Nations.

What a cut to its UN funding does to US leverage in the world

Global Politics
Boat with Jews sailing from Falster, Denmark to Ystad in Sweden, taken between September 1943 and October 1943.

For a Jewish World War II refugee, Trump’s immigration restrictions are ‘unimaginable’


Leo Goldberger was smuggled out of Denmark to Sweden during the Nazi-occupation. He’s upset by President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel to the US by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

Protestors gather at San Francisco International Airport to oppose Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban."

Donald Trump’s ‘disruptive’ leadership style presents huge problems for Homeland Security


Juliette Kayyem was an official in the Department of Homeland Security under Barack Obama and is now an analyst for various media. She says the ban on Muslims from seven nations entering the US will be a big problem for her former colleagues.

Dancers with hands up

The next generation takes a dance from Hawaiian history into the future


Journalist Constance Hale’s new book is about a Hawaiian renaissance — told through hula.

Donald Trump appears at a campaign rally in Maine.

In the ‘Middle Suburbs,’ Americans find themselves pulled left and right

Global Politics

Middle Suburbs are places that are neither urban nor rural. They’re neither liberal nor conservative. They’re the middle, but their issues aren’t dissimilar from so many other communities.

What are Egyptians thinking about the US election?

Why some Egyptians may support Trump in the US election

Global Politics

Amr Koura is a businessman in Cairo. He fears a Clinton presidency more than a Trump.