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Annie co-hosts and produces the podcast Undiscovered

Annie co-hosts and produces the podcast Undiscovered along with Elah Feder. Sometimes, this entails visiting labs to look at tiny, glowing worm brains. Or digging through archives in search of 50-year-old chain letters. Or spending WAY too much time in a foam-padded closet (the “recording booth”).Prior to Undiscovered, Annie produced stories about science and the arts for the Friday radio show. (Like this story, about guitar playing robots, and this one, where astronauts review “Gravity” à la Siskel and Ebert.) Annie’s first run-in with radio was as an undergrad at Columbia University, where she covered the New York arts scene for the universe’s best radio station, WKCR-FM (“Sit Back and Dig the Shellac”). Since she couldn’t major in radio, she earned a B.A. in American Studies. She’s also been an assistant producer for the world’s only rock ‘n’ roll talk show, WBEZ’s “Sound Opinions,” where she had the honor of meeting the Jesus of Cool, Nick Lowe. Rock on. 

Satisfying Your Regina Fix

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We’re big Regina Spektor fans here at Studio 360, and so we were psyched when she dropped by the studio last week to play some songs from her new album, Far. We would have loved to run the entire interview but, alas, some gems had to be cut for time. For example, we loved how […]

Infinite Summer

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Arts, Culture & Media

They Might Be Puppets

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Snapshots from the Muslim-Punk Underground

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Goodbye, John Hughes

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John Hughes, the director who brought us the ’80s classics ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ ‘The Breakfast Club,’ and ‘Sixteen Candles,’ passed away yesterday. Hughes was the undisputed master of the teen movie: the high school scene he depicted over twenty years ago is still imitated, never equaled. Maybe that’s because he was truly sympathetic to […]

The Sound of SLOrk

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This week, Angela Frucci brings us the story of Ocarina, the iPhone app created by computer programmerGe Wangthat allows you ‘play’ your iPhone by blowing into its microphone (with pleasant, vaguely pan-pipe-like results). A YouTube search yields Ocarina performances of everything from ‘Stairway to Heaven‘ to that favorite of high school choral directors ‘Oh Shenandoah.’ […]

Off to See the Wizard

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This week on Studio 360, we take an in-depth look at The Wizard of Oz, assuredly one of the most beloved (and bizarre) fables to capture Americans’ imaginations. This year marks the 70th anniversary of Warner Bros’ film adaptation of Frank L. Baum’s children’s book and for the past year the studio has been throwing […]

When news broke last September that NASA had detected liquid water on Mars, Germick knew the discovery had to be doodled, and fast. “I sent an email that morning to the team, and within 45 minutes, I had two proposals for how to celebrate the discovery,”

Here are the people who make Google Doodles


The story behind Google Doodles and the nerd ethos at Google

rchers planted this camera trap (complete with robotic toy cat) in order to study what local species prey on cats. Here, a great horned owl takes the bait. The cat was found not far away, mostly intact, suggesting that the owl probably discovered the ruse

The secret life of animals, captured on camera


These hidden cameras photograph wild animals in their natural habitat — and teach us a few things about animal behavior.