Baltimore’s Mayor Embroiled in Children’s Book Scandal

Baltimore’s Mayor Embroiled in Children’s Book Scandal

There are questions about Mayor Catherine Pugh’s self-published kids book, and whether or not buyers were given access to government influence.

The Death of the Lyell Glacier

Yosemite National Park’s Lyell Glacier is dying. Writer Dan Duane joined Yosemite geologist Greg Stock in a hike up to the glacier, which is now a fraction of its original size.

Making Arab American Theater

Muslim and Arab American theater are having a moment. But the communities at the hearts of these shows fear they will only garner attention if they are about that identity.


Alec MacGillis

Liz Bowie

Dan Duane

Greg Stock

Jamil Khoury

Yussef El Guindi

Trump-Russia Summit Fallout Continues As Putin Gets Invite to D.C.

Friday host of The Takeaway Amy Walter talks with Chris Painter, the U.S’s former top cyber diplomat and General Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and CIA, about what the implication’s of this second meeting might be for the United States; Republican leaders had harsh words for Trump at the start of the week. That changed as the week wore on; and for the rest of the hour, we focus on the fight for suburban districts in the lead up to the Midterm election. Among the key districts Democrats need to win in order to win back the House of Representatives: New Jersey’s 7th.

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Mythmaking and MS-13: Americans in Fear of an Exaggerated Threat

We take a big look at MS-13 in light of new data that shows Americans fears about the street gang; a look at a new tool police departments are using that allows them to better measure resident feelings about the job they are doing; a Democratic Congressman explains why he is speaking out specifically against newsprint tariffs; 90 percent of us either hate cooking or feel lukewarm about it. What’s a grocery store to do?; and a look at two big films out this summer centered on issues of race. 

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Olympic Heads Grilled by Congress Over Sexual Abuse Scandals

On Wednesday, Susanne Lyons, the acting head of the U.S. Olympic Committee, and representatives from Gymnastics, Swimming, Taekwondo and Volleyball testified before Congress around issues of sexual abuse in the Olympic community. Earlier this year, U.S.A. Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar was found guilty of abusing hundreds of athletes. The Takeaway reviews the Olympic leaders’ testimony in light of the torrent of allegations made within their ranks. Plus, we look at the ongoing trend of African-American parents deciding to homeschool their kids; and the next phase of #TheGunTalk as initiated by gun-owning parents.

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The Rise of The Alt-Right

Nov. 13, 2017: David Neiwert has been following right wing extremism in the United States for decades. He says the alt-right is becoming ever more powerful under President Trump, especially as more and more Republican lawmakers retire. Today, a conversation with Neiwert, plus a look at the allegations facing Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore; the debate over footage of mass shootings; and the final installment in our series, “To Serve and Protect: Life Behind the Blue Line.” 

“Wake up. You’re a pawn.” A former skinhead’s message to the alt-right.

August 15, 2017: What drives people to join white supremacist groups? Timothy Zaal, a former skinhead and current speaker at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, weighs in. Plus, a look at Vice President Pence’s South American trip; political trouble for Benjamin Netanyahu, and musicians Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo’ sing the blues. 

“Can only non-white people be terrorists?”

August 14, 2017: This weekend, a white supremacist rally in Virginia turned violent. Are we adequately discussing this type of hate in America, and how should we, as a nation, respond?

After the shooting.

August 07, 2017: After her son was shot and killed by the San Francisco Police Department, Gwen Woods had to grieve in the public eye. Today, she tells her story. Plus, The Takeaway looks at the growing tension with North Korea, we examine a new project that aims to reimagine the prison system, we get the latest on an “act of terrorism” in Minnesota, and host a conversation about what it means to be American. 

Deadly Xenophobia, An NBA Revolt Against Trump, Life After Prison

February 27, 2017:

1. What You Need to Know About New DNC Chair Tom Perez (6 min)

2. Michael Anton Pushes a New Brand of Conservatism in Trump White House (7 min)

3. Immigrants Reflect on American Values After Deadly Kansas Shooting (6 min)

4. Commuted: Life After Prison (8 min)

5. Understanding The NBA’s Current Political Moment (4 min)

6. The 2017 Oscars: Diversity and a Stumble Take Center Stage (4 min)

7. The Challenges of Writing About Race in America (8 min)

Unrest in Charlotte, Gaming the Election, The Black Prince of Florence

September 22, 2016: 

1. Charlotte, North Carolina Spirals Into Violence (13 min)

2. Governing From The Minority: How State Laws Influence National Elections (6 min)

3. Isle of Man Faces Crucial Vote (4 min)

4. How Design Impacts Politics (7 min)

5. The Long Forgotten Black Prince of Florence (7 min)