Rage against America

In Egypt, angry protesters scale US embassy walls, tear down flags

The mob was said to be protesting a film produced in the United States that they believe denigrates the Prophet Muhammad.

US consulates in Benghazi and Cairo attacked over film deemed insulting to Prophet Muhammad


Christopher Stevens, US ambassador to Libya, killed in Benghazi attack


Who was US Ambassador Christopher Stevens?

Secretary Hillary Clinton live speech on Benghazi killings

Terry Jones, ‘Sam Bacile’: The men behind the movie? (VIDEO) (UPDATE)


Terry Jones is an extremist pastor who is promoting ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ the controversial film that may have been produced by someone using the name ‘Sam Bacile.’

How secure are US posts abroad?

Security at US embassies and other diplomatic grounds isn’t the same worldwide. Protection is paramount, but appearing too fortified can bring risks of its own.

Libya attack becomes a US campaign issue


Candidates spar over response to mob killing of US ambassador and officials.

US suspects Libya attack was planned

Administration officials said it suspects that Libya attack on the US consulate was planned not the work of a spontaneous mob.

A clash of civilizations? Not so much


Egyptians and Libyans denounce the “extremist” fringe responsible for attacks on US missions in their countries.