Al Qaeda in Africa

In Africa, Al Qaeda finds new life


Local militants groups are hitching onto Al Qaeda’s ideology, giving it new theaters of operation.

Al Shabaab branches out beyond Somalia


African militants learn from Al Qaeda in Yemen


Nigeria’s Boko Haram gets serious

The World

2012 was a banner year for Boko Haram, but not for Nigerians


Malians want the French to stay


Many in a key Malian town are grateful for the French intervention but fearful that the Islamists may yet return.

Clinton highlights Al Qaeda affiliates in Africa during Benghazi hearings (VIDEO)

Sec. of State Clinton pointed to the rising threat of Al Qaeda affiliates in northern Africa during the Benghazi hearings.

Africa’s local militants embrace Al Qaeda ideology


Nigeria’s newest terror group, Ansaru, demonstrates how Africa’s homegrown militants are more and more embracing an Al Qaeda-styled global ideology.

How to fight Africa’s wars


Western countries have little desire to intervene in African conflicts. But with the rise of Al Qaeda in Africa, they have little choice. A cooperative model employed in Somalia, a

Kenya siege ends as Kenyan forces secure Nairobi’s Westgate mall (LIVE BLOG)

Al Shabaab said their gunmen were behind the attack on Westgate shopping mall in the Kenyan capital Nairobi that killed at least 62 people.