Undocumented youth in the United States

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DACA could end in federal court. Most of today’s high school graduates can’t get protection from the program anyway. 

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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — or DACA — provides protection from deportation and work athorization to some undocumented people brought to the US as kids. It’s a lifeline that’s fading away. 

DACA recipient Nohemi Salas is enrolled in the dental hygienist program at Community College of Denver and received Colorado state financial aid to help pay for college. 

Colorado joins handful of states that give financial aid to undocumented college students

On Course
A high school graduation in Northern California

A new generation of ‘un-DACAmented’ high school graduates fights hurdles to higher ed

A group of young people walk in front of the Arizona state Capitol.

As DACA fix remains elusive, Arizona ‘Dreamers’ focus on in-state tuition