The Netherlands

Nuria at My Red Light, a social project in the form of a brothel in Amsterdam. Nuria plans to retire from sex work later this year and work full-time in an administrative role at My Red Light.

A Dutch brothel where women work for themselves

Women & Gender

My Red Light in Amsterdam is almost entirely run by former or current sex workers. And it’s designed to ensure that those who rent rooms there aren’t being trafficked or exploited. But some maintain that the work itself is inherently exploitative.

Steve King

Even Jeb Bush came out of the woodwork to rip Rep. Steve King for his anti-immigrant tweet

Global Politics
Dutch and U.S. flags decorate the graves at the American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten.

Generations of Dutch citizens still trek to the graves of US World War II soldiers

Family members of the victims killed in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane disaster are seen through the window of a hearse carrying the victims' bodies.

The Dutch consider how an airline tragedy might change their society

Conflict & Justice