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C.I.A. Documents: U.S. Had Knowledge of 1980s Chemical Attacks in Iran

A new report from Foreign Policy says that the U.S. knew Saddam Hussein was planning to launch a chemical weapons attack in the Iran-Iraq war, and still provided him with support. The report reveals recently declassified documents from the C.I.A. According to Foreign Policy, the U.S. provided information to the Iraqi government on Iranian troop […]

US Role in Chemical Attacks During the Iran-Iraq War

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Osama bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden Killed

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Report claims al-Qaeda greatly weakened

Syria protests against U.S.

A Partial Victory for Bradley Manning in Court

A judge ruled the prosecution would have to prove that Army PFC Bradley Manning had “reason to believe” the information would aid al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The Young Iraqi Translator Who Gave His Life for the American Effort

As America and the people of Iraq are challenged to make sense of the decade that followed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, tens of thousands of people who witnessed the violence and the cauldron of change that accompanied the fall of Saddam Hussein are not here to testify. In their eyes is a story of […]

Tapes Reveal a Merciless, Fearful Saddam Hussein

It is the Iraqi version of Richard Nixon’s Oval Office tapes –  hours of audio files recorded inside the office of Saddam Hussein during his tenure as Iraqi President in the 1980s. Almost five years after Hussein’s execution, much of the collection has still never been made public. But 20 new recordings, transcripts, and high-level documents […]

Bin Laden’s Death: A Blow to Al-Qaeda

How has Al Qaeda changed in the past few years, and what does this blow mean to the organization? Ahmed Rashid, journalist and author of Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia and other books, speaks with us about the future of Al Qaeda.

The Future of Al Qaeda Without Bin Laden

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With Osama Bin Laden’s death, how will the terrorist organization change? We talk with Gideon Rose, author of How Wars End and editor of Foreign Affairs.