Korean adoptees

Peter Møller, attorney and co-head of the Danish Korean Rights Group, holds documents at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022.

Danish Korean adoptees seek truth about their adoption circumstances


“We have reason to suspect that a lot of the information about us, at least the information we know, is incorrect,” said Peter Knudsen, who is one of 50 cosigners on an application filed to South Korea’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission last week to clarify their origins.

Four black and white photos of a Korean baby in a row, with a file folder above.

30 years later, this Korean adoptee finds ‘home’ again

Layne Fostervold and his mother, Kim Sook-nyeon. Fostervold was adopted by an American family when he was about 2 years old. His mother never stopped wondering what happened to him.

A Korean adoptee meets his birth mother and winds up moving in with her

Kim Craig has spent the past three years in Korea, hoping to get home to the US.

This woman has been stuck in Korea for three years trying to get home to the US

Kristyn Leach on her Sunol, California farm, Namu. “There is significance to all this in terms of that sense of pride and connectedness,” she says.

A Korean adoptee finds her heritage through farming