Central Park

Summer in the Global Village: Brasil Summerfest — Gaby Amarantos and Planet Hemp

Global Hit

Reporter Mirissa Neff delves into the offerings of the third edition of NYC’s Brasil Summerfest. First up is a show at Central Park Summerstage with Gaby Amarantos and Planet Hemp.

Central Park– An Urban Oasis

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Central Park’s Trees

Central Park Hawks

The Living on Earth Almanac

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Privatizing Central Park?

New York’s Central Park, is at the center of a debate about the future of public spaces. A newly signed agreement places management of Central Park in the hands of a private group, The Central Park Conservancy. Over the past decade, this non-profit organization has filled huge funding gaps in the city’s budget and restored […]

Central Park Nature Center

The Belvedere Castle at Manhattan’s 79st Street has become a natural learning center for youngsters in the heart of the city. Kids explore and learn to identify plant and animal life in the recently restored greenery that is Central Park.. Beth Fertig reports.

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Munching Central Park

We follow Steve Brill through New York’s Central Park, where he helps school children identify the bounty of edible plants growing there. Tour and tour-guide stop to taste several varieties from this unlikely urban supermarket.

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Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Over the River

Arts, Culture & Media

Jeanne-Claude passed away this past November. Her longtime husband, Christo, and collaborator is working to finish some of their last projects. The Over the River Project is one of them.

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Vancouver’s own Central Park

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If you have ever been to Vancouver, you probably know the city park that figures in today’s Geo Quiz.