Susan Rice

US President Donald Trump at a White House podium

Pandemic threatens stability, demands ‘coordinated global action,’ says Susan Rice


Prospects for multilateral diplomacy seem increasingly dim as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic — and that’s a problem, says Susan Rice, former national security adviser and US ambassador to the UN.

Susan Rice

Susan Rice says Western democracy hasn’t entirely collapsed — yet

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin, Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko and Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko react while posing for a group photo during peace talks that started in Minsk on August 26, 2014.

As peace talks start, Ukraine and Russia are still pressing for battlefield advantage


Accidental Diplomacy? Analyzing Kerry’s Off-the-Cuff Remark

Israel promises to strike back ‘fiercely’ if Syria attacks

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UN wants access to site of alleged chemical attacks in Syria

As the international community awaits verification that chemical weapons were used, what remains unclear is how Washington might respond.

Israel to Strike Back ‘fiercely’ if Syria Attacks the Jewish State

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Israel’s prime minister is warning that his country will strike back if Syria attacks the Jewish state. The threat comes after two and a half years of official Israeli silence on Syria’s civil war. The Syrian regime responded with a threat of its own.

On second try, Susan Rice added to Obama’s foreign policy team

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President Barack Obama has selected United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to replace National Security Adviser Tom Donlion, who stepped down Wednesday morning — sooner than most predicted. In Rice’s place, Obama selected Samantha Power, a former journalist and human rights activist who supported intervention in Libya.

Clinton combative, ‘commanding’ during testimony to Congress on Benghazi attack

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After the attacks on Benghazi, members of the U.S. Congress demanded Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appear before them to answer questions about how the deadly attacks happened. In testimony Wednesday, Clinton took responsibility, but said she wants to move forward to prevent future attacks.

The evolution of Sherlock Holmes

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Robert Downey Jr., who stars in the new movie “Sherlock Holmes,” takes on the iconic role — how he compares to other great Holmes of the past.