Matteo Renzi

The Italian Navy has launched a recruitment campaign not in Italian, but in English.

Some Italians are demanding their English-speaking leaders ‘say it in Italian’


Italy’s youngest-ever prime minister, Matteo Renzi, likes to use English phrases to describe his political and economic reforms. His use of Italian peppered with English is enough to spark a campaign urging Italian politicians to “say it in Italian.”

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This rapper speaks to Italy’s unemployed youth

Looking for a slick new ride? Italy’s government has got a deal for you

Looking for a slick new ride? Italy’s government has got a deal for you

Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and members of his cabinet pose with President Giorgio Napolitano.

Lawmakers in this European country are considering a ‘pink quota’ to achieve gender parity in politics

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Kerry selfie with Indonesian students

US Secretary of State Kerry stops for a selfie on his climate change tour

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Secretary of State John Kerry charmed Indonesian students in Jakarta over the weekend as he delivered strongly-worded messages on climate change to Asia’s leading emitters of greenhouse gases. Italy works to form its third government in three years, without a new election. And German politicians sleep in their offices to save on rent, all in today’s Global Scan.

Matteo Renzi looks set to become Italy's new Prime Minister

The Italian government collapses. Again.

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The government of Italy has collapsed. But nobody is hitting the panic button. A new government could be formed in the next couple of days — and voters are unlikely to get a say. Again.