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The Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordiska motstandsrorelsens), a Nordic National Socialist organisation, demonstrates in central Stockholm November 12, 2016.

White nationalism in Sweden has a long history. Now it also has partners in America.

Global Politics

Richard Spencer, the American white nationalist known for getting punched in the face on camera and extolling Donald Trump with a Hitlerian salute, has formed a new publishing venture with Swedish far-right extremists.

A bishop takes a picture with a tablet during the Synod on the Family. The Roman Catholic assembly has softened its traditional Catholic stance against gays, suggesting "accepting and valuing their sexual orientation."

The Catholic Church changed only its tone on gays, but that’s still a big deal

Supporters of the anti-gay law preparing for a procession in Uganda's capital, Kampala, in March 2014.

Uganda’s controversial anti-gay law is finally gone — at least for now

A man reads a publication by a civil society coalition on human rights and constitutional law in Kampala.

Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law could be overturned in the courts


International Spotlight on Supreme Court Rulings on Gay Marriage

Conflict & Justice

In Catholic Latin America, Same-Sex Marriage and Gay Rights Lead the Way

Conflict & Justice

The American debate over same sex marriage resonates loudly around the globe. We turn our focus to Latin America. Same sex marriage is legal in Argentina, and in parts of Brazil and Mexico. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Lester Feder.