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Students from the Capital Preparatory Harlem School watch a screening of the film "Black Panther" on its opening night.

A comic book hero offers a fresh vision of Africa


Marvel Comics reimagines the sub-Saharan.


Trump’s immigration order forces complicated calculations for some Sudanese immigrants

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During Sunday worship at St. Antonius Coptic Church in Hayward, California, women sit on one side of the church, and men on the other.

In California, praying in a language rooted in ancient Egypt

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Are African immigrants African American?

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Music heard on the air for July 28, 2014

Music Heard on Air
A rally for Sudan held in San Francisco.

Online videos showed violent clashes in Sudan one street over from my parents’ house

Conflict & Justice

Thousands of Sudanese expats in the US are spending their days and nights online these days – getting little sleep, calling home multiple times a day, checking on the safety of their family and friends – hoping for good news.

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Developing Sudan’s Tuti Island

Conflict & Justice

While Khartoum developed into a modern city, Tuti Island retained its bucolic environment. But that may be about to change now that a new bridge has been built connecting Tuti to the capital city. Reporter Hana Baba has the story.