Demonstrators protest against Brazil's President Michel Temer in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 17. The banner reads: "Out Temer."

Brazilians are outraged and talking impeachment again

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Little over eight months since they impeached their last president, now Brazil’s Michel Temer is facing demands for impeachment and new elections amid a scandal around alleged illicit payments to a jailed politician.

Dilma Rousseff at one of the final days of her impeachment trial debate before senators voted her out of office.

Brazil’s impeached president: ‘I fought against human suffering, I battled inequality’

Brazil's suspended President Dilma Rousseff attends Senate on Monday in her final defense before impeachment.

Powerful moments from Dilma Rousseff’s last effort to stop impeachment

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Brazil could impeach Dilma Rousseff this week

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Senate Brasilia impeach Dilma

Behind the Olympic spectacle, Brazil’s political games continue

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Behind the possible impeachment of Brazil's president

Impeachment of Brazil’s president? What’s going on?

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EXPLAINER: Why the impeachment facing Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff actually may be good for Brazil. But will it affect the 2016 Olympics?